The Duo

“Man, it sound like there’s five people up there!?!”     Yeah…that’s the goal.

12553001_10153900289646613_4783800703047975691_nIt’s a nice little niche I’ve found. There are two of us. I play kick drum with my left foot, loop station-vocal harmonizer-various other effects with my right foot. I play guitar, sing and play harmonica. When the loops get going and there’s a nice groove established, I might set the guitar down and play the melodica. A cast of Bass players bring the bottom end. With two 18″ subs, the kick drum gets going and takes care of the ONE. The Bass syncopated “stuky” 1’s and 5’s take care of the “e and a.” And the way I strum covers the chords and the  16ths of a ride cymbal. So, yeah. In a way all the poly rhythms are covered and your brain infers the rest.

I play every thing in every genre, or at least I’ll try HA HA!!