One of the reasons I have survived this long…… hmm.

I mean, there’s millions of guitar players. There’s a million singers. I’ve survived because I do both and can lead a band. I know a millions songs in tons of genres, decades and styles. I’d really consider myself an entertainer. I can perform for 20 year olds and 80 year olds and find something they can relate to.


Artist: SJ Gray

Just like my upbringing, I am super into diversity. What do I sound like? What do you want me to sound like? I am in a Grateful Dead tribute band called the Jones Gang, A SANTANA trribute called Maria Maria, a Pink Floyd tribute called Momentary lapse of Floyd. I play live music for Yoga classes. I have a Country album, a hippie jam band album, a singer/songwriter album.

So, crawl through the “Projects” and I hope you’ll find at least one thing you can connect with.