No one does it on their own. None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for all the great people in my life who have supported me over the years and continue to support me. This page is for all of these people!! Names Bold and Italicized are considered Thank You!!!

November 20th 2015. I was playing a show in St. Peter, Minnesota thanks to Steve Guse, and I met an interesting gal named Ann Rosenquist Fee (from here on referred to as Fee). Well, Fee is the director of the Arts Center of Saint Peter, and an actress, and a singer, and a budding potter/sculptor!! She was performing in a play called “The Best of Hank and Rita” February 28 and I really wanted to see it.

“If you love music, if you love theater, if you understand love and all that can come with it, then you need to see The Frye: The best of Hank and Rita. Don’t ask why. See it now, before it all goes to hell. Having loved, and lost, and lived most of my life as a professional musician, it hit home too hard. I felt it. I laughed. I got emotional. I empathized. Three times I thought I knew how it was going to end…….”    (how’s that Fee? she wanted a plug)

Before I went to see the Frye, I met with Fee (and yes I find myself saying “ooooooooooo Fee” in my head the PHISH song) to talk art and life and theater and stuff. She said, “man, you need a website?!?!” I was like “I know :(“. I had one for many years that my friend John Evanson and I built, and I think it is still floating out there in cyberspace somewhere. It was fine for a while, but everything was HTML and the calendar took a day to write and then if there was a gig change I’d have to email John Evanson and he’d email me back and so forth. Took forever. Fast forward to about a year ago another friend Scott Gates helped build one. It was great an served a purpose for a while too, but it cost $20. a month which normally isn’t a big deal but John Evanson and I have the domain for like the next 50 years or so, so why pay for it?!? Fee was like, hey WordPress is free. “Really?!?!” I said. “Well I’m leaving for Mexico for like 3 weeks, could you show me how to work WordPress before I go and I’ll build one while Im gone? Thet’ll give me plenty of time.” Fee being the super rock star she is, declared herself my new Brand Manager and said “yes.” The next Sunday, we met for coffee again at the River Rock Coffee shop and basically built what you see now as the “home” page and the “about” page you see now.

Now, literally the following Thursday after the play, the Thursday “before” the River Rock Coffee meeting, I was playing at Cowboy Jacks Bloomington, with Jason Bush (bass player extraordinaire, soul brother, inspiration, and my friend), Chris Hunnicutt (who I play with mostly as of late, who is also killer bass player and my friend) was out of town getting his grill specked, when on our first set break two guys came up and commented how, “even though there isnt a lot of people here” (there never is on a Thursday) “the music is killer?!?! You guys are really good!!” Sam Botwinski and Andy Selness, two deece bros, happened to be out on the town for a few beers and stumbled into Jacks. Well we all talked life and creativity and graphics and photography and just life and shit. It was cool. Well after Sam Botwinski said “hey man, I like you energy and if there’s anything I can do to help let me know.” FFw, River Rock Coffee, it became evident to Fee and I that we needed way better photos than the shitty phone pics we all are guilty of taking. “I literally met a guy on Thursday who said he takes photos.” I called Sam Botwinski and set up a little photo shoot. All the pro photos you see here are from Sam Botwinski. We had a blast one day, over about an hour of time. Then we went and had tacos at El Burrito Mercado, and her had them to me in a few days. “I’ll get ’em to you before you leave on your trip so you can build  the site with them.” Oh, Sam, you da best!!

I fly to Mahaual Mexico, a place I discovered through, John Vizard and Natalie Dahl. Mahahual is paradise, where I’ve made many friend over the years like Jaime Cueto, Kevin Jenkins, David Ostrow (all the Ostrows), Carolynn, Michele, Mugro Nydia y Greta. Basically I took this time to build what you see now. When I come home the summer music season starts and you all will want to know where the shows are. Here ya go!!

This is the immediate story of all of what happened.

Over the years there have been musicians, family, friends, lovers, losers, principles and places to thank and recognize and forget.


Family: Francisco Trejo, Elaine Trejo, Luke Malchow, Sierra Trejo, Grandma Mae, Grandpa Mel, Grandma Trejo, Grandma Trejo, Tia Aurora, Uncle Jose, Ana Trejo, Mark, Miguel, Juan, Frankie, Becky, Lucy, Xio, little cousins, Tracey Hamilton, Auntie Dorothy, Trouble, Zoro, Taka, Jenny, Emma, Irving, Bud, Donna, Dean, LeAnne, Punky, Sammie


The Deep End: Mike Steineman, Corey Bloom, Max Kostecki

The Beads: Matt Stevens, Nate Stevens, Mason Hozza, Chris Yoerks, George Berg, Rose Johnson, Dan Kopecky, Nick Dodd, Casey O’brian, JV Zontelli, Andy Schmidts,  Jim Trouten, Ryan Lodgaard, Ruben, Matt May, Mike Johnson, Sarah Smith, Ed Levin, Darcy Gunthier, Tamir Nolly

The Terminal Bar: Flem, Annette, Joe, Terry, Captain Corey, Pockets, Nate Dogg, Michael de la Rosa

One Eyed Jacks: Brad Ray, Reed Braaten, Dave Vandergreind, Tamir Nolly, Dan Schauer, Eddie “Hondo” Juntunen, Phil Wong

The Jones Gang: Lee Leonard, Jim Hinkley, Stu Allen, John Wolfe, Annie Hicks, Leif Rassmusen,

The Hang: Dan Ristrom, Josue Alfaro, Joe Peterson, Carl Seward

New Primitives: Joel Arpin, Tom Peterson, Bruce Jackson, Daryk Narum

White Iron Band, The Big Wu, TBT, Mango Jam, SANTANA, The Grateful Dead, Shangoya, Electric Arab Orchestra, Mickey Hart, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Frank Sinatra, County Music, Banda, Reggae, Caetano Veloso, Tears For Fears, The Cult, Miles Davis, George Clinton and Parliment Funkadellic

Bass Players: Matt Stevens, Jimmy Rogers, Dan Ristrom, Micharl Caravale,  Tanner Brown, Chad Speck, BG, Tim Sundae, Nick Broadnax, Jimmy Stoffer, Chistopher Ray Hunnicutt, Blake Tanberk, Lee Leonard, Jason Bush, Rob Arund, Ryan Downlo, David Gonzalez, Chuck Savage, Steve Murray, Nick Salsburry, Liz Draper, Jake Jackson, Elmar, Dubs, Boozer, Andy Schuster, Rich Casey, Andy Mark, Andy Miller, TP, Phil Lesh, Phil Wong, Big Bob Scoggins, Casey O’brien, Kale Reed

Drummers: Michael B. Johnson (you can’t be Michael Johnson, unless you Michael B. Johnson) Joel “The Family Man” Arpin, JV Zontelli, Josh Alfaro, Derek Trost, Ben Peterson, Brian Hamilton, James Schmehl, Jeremy Johnson, Joey, Lance, Kipp, Pat Nelson, Kelly Cook, Nick Dodd, Ryan Lodgaard, George Berg, Chico Harris, Chico Chavez, Pockets, Big Bob Scoggins, Chris Grey, Corey Bloom, Geoff Prettner, Terry VanDeWalker, Undie, Joe Diaz

Guitar Players: Nate Stevens, Chris Stevens, Jerry Francis, Moses Oakland, Big Bob Scoggins, Chris Castino, Jason Fladager, Jon Herchert, Sam Weyandt, Matt Pudas, Cheech, Mark Grundhoeffer, Dean Magraw, Jim Hinkley, JimTrouten, Aaron Gorton, Alex Rossi, Elliot Blaufuss, Blair Krivanek, Molly Maher, Erik Koskinen, Dave Simonette, Andra Suchy, Stein Malvey, Dan Gaarder, Nate Duncan,  Paul Bergen, Les Paul, Jerry Garcia, SANTANA

Keyboard Players: Mason Hozza, Rob Hilstrom, John Wolfe Jr., Afro Keys Eric Anderson, Bruce Jackson, Joe “Lightning” Peterson, Cornell Blanchard, Natt Dogg, John Trygstad, Eddie Juntunen, Buzz Chopper, Toby Marshall, Davina, Sweet Lou Snyder, Andy Crowley

Horn Players: Daryk Narum, Sten Johnson, Zack Lozier, Matt Darling, Maxaphone, Joe (Wookie), Joseph McCauley, Ben Wagner, Aaron Wiener, Dan Kuse, Tamir Nolly, Andy Schmitz

Steel Players: Mike Johnson, Bill Quinn, Joe Savage, Rich Smith, Randy Keely,

Special Helpers and  Super Support (over the years) : Josh Schoeller, Nick Oz, Eric Rinehimer, Gigi Boyer, Denny Silverman, Ruben, Nate Dogg Anderson, Timmy the Winker, Coach Paul, Laura Halling, Stella Blue, Sam Botwinski, and Fee

Loves: Angel Peitsch, Melissa Ramsay, Kris Carbone, Becky Meils, Jessica Zimmerley, Jessi Bergren, Nikki Nefstead

Losses: Angel Peitsch, Melissa Ramsay, Kris Carbone, Becky Meils, Jessica Zimmerley, Jessi Bergren, Nikki Nefstead

Hence… go to “The Best of Hank and Rita” by  Joe Tougas.