2017 > 2016

Ok, so this is the year. I tried last year (not really) to keep up with the posts, but, one gets busy then it gets late and before you know it…. it’s the next day. 

2016 was a ride fosho!! I played many shows and met many many people. Made new connections lost some too. Lost love but started creating again. Fell in love with my band again, and gave up on other ones. Became a teacher, started over as a student.

 All in all I feel I’m aging gracefully. It’s different to be sure. The crowds are younger, the gear is a bit heavier, the truck is a bit more beaten down. I feel as though I’m playing better, taking risks and being sought after by a few different bands. So here’s to you, and all of yours!! Let’s make this the year we want it to be. 

“I don’t make New Years resolutions, I make anti-resolutions. Like ‘shit, I ain’t gonna do THAT again?!?’ ” – JT

The Light of the Universe…. Share it!!

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